Our Sociability Run is only a week away!

Last Saturday I decided to do my own Pre-Sociability Run.  I went by myself, but had such a good time visiting folks along the way that it was very social, indeed!

I came out from the cities (where I live) and timed it to get to Buffalo Lake at 10 am, where I visited the Farmer’s Market and had some delicious baked goods for breakfast.  If this were the actual Sociability Run on Sept. 11, I would have stopped at Hill’s Unique Gifts to register, then headed up the Original Yellowstone Trail on Main Street to see the Hector Historical Center, Studio 155 where I would pick up some Yellowstone Trail Merch, and then on to the R&S Snowmobile Museum.

My next stop was the Danube Depot.  They will be unable to be open for the Sociability Run, but graciously offered their Yellowstone Trail display for use, so I picked it up to take on to Montevideo.  The Depot is a beautifully restored building, and has a photo op in it’s gazebo, so well worth stopping by just to take a look.  Of course, the display inside was amazing!  I was so glad I was able to see it!

Next I headed straight to Montevideo.  I wanted to take a look at the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center, but due to time constraints was not able.  I drove past, however, and plan to visit there sometime in the future.  The Historic Chippewa City really caught me by surprise.  I had no idea it was so large!  I could have spent the whole day there, it was as if I had stepped back in time.

I would have liked to continue going west, but needed to turn around and head back east.  Had I gone on, I could have seen the Yellowstone Trail Mural at Watson, and the Ortonville Museum, which is where folks coming from the east will start their Sociability Run.  One thing I discovered doing my Pre-Run was that it will be very hard to visit all the sites and activities that will be happening in just one short day. 

As I turned to go back it struck me that I could take the Yellowstone Trail in either direction and would end up on the East or West Coast of the USA.  It was a sense of both freedom and belonging.

I was running out of time, so had to skip Granite Falls where they have the Volstead House, The Yellow Medicine County Historical Society and  Maker’s on the Minnesota Art Gallery, featuring artists Dani Prados and Talon Wilson. 

I headed west to the Sacred Heart Museum, where they have a WWI exhibit, which fits right in with the Yellowstone Trail timeline.  My last stop was the Renville Museum.  They have a history timeline there that really puts things into perspective.  They also have Michael Dowling’s leg!

I also did not have time to stop at the Bird Island Cultural Center, which is showing the work of block print artist Nan Karr Kaufenberg.

And this is not all!  Special events for September 11 also will include Welcoming Week in Montevideo, The Horse Power Event at the Swenson Farm by Granite Falls, Brunch at the Bluenose Gopher in Granite Falls,  a special Artist’s Reception at the Bird Island Cultural Centre, The Dowling House in Olivia, and back to the Bluenose Gopher for a car show at 6:00pm. where everyone on the Sociability Run can get together!

My “test run” was a very pleasant day.  It was as refreshing as a mini-vacation.  The scenery was beautiful.  Coming from the Cities, wide open spaces are a welcome sight!

There were plenty of places to stop for food along the way, and I appreciated being able to travel at my own pace.  

Rebecca (Becky) Heerdt



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